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Adcurb.com has only one objective: make your brand #1 online

As of today, Adcurb.com is managing online marketing campaigns (SEO, PPC, Media Planning, Brand Monitoring) for customers worldwide (North/South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Polynesia, Russia). 

Adcurb managed and deployed Fortune 500 companies online product portfolio or/and services on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Adcurb developed marketing campaigns through customized media plan using AdWords, Yahoo sponsored search, Microsoft Advertising and other traditional online banner ads to increase brand awareness, product portfolio visibility and sales. One of Adcurb specialty is to analyze SEO and PPC campaign data and adjusted accordingly utilizing tracking and analytic solutions to deliver maximum return.

To answer the growing demand of medium size and large businesses for third party invoices management companies, Adcurb purchased on April 15 2011 InvoiceFly. InvoiceFly developed online revolutionary tools to manage third party invoice management.  Adcurb will integrate to its portfolio, InvoiceFly’s products.

Adcurb management team are composed of veterans with different background from New York large advertising agencies, to Silicon Valley popular dotcom companies.





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